Below you’ll find the most common questions you might have about the BTF SKI SYSTEM.
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We estimate a cost equivalent to purchasing a traditional system (mid to high range).

The BTF Ski System is the evolution of the Nava Skiing System from the 80s. We have checked over the system to adjust it to the market regulations and to improve all technical aspects related to safety and performance.

Our system has a lever that transmits every slight movement of the skier directly onto the edges of the ski, eliminating the need to force the weight forward. Skiing in a centered position enables a safe and balanced descent. The boot is equipped with a hook at the back that can be closed to adjust the forward flexion.

The lever is the key to our system. Attached to the calf, it allows for the immediate transmission of every slight movement from the leg directly to the ski, without the need to lean forward.

The BTF SKI SYSTEM features a comfortable and warm boot that allows not only for skiing but also for walking and driving. You can leave home directly with our BTF SKI BOOTS on and enjoy the entire day without pain or restrictions.

We are still in the production phase of the new prototype, followed by initial testing and subsequently the pilot series. The pre-series market launch is scheduled for 2025.

You can apply by writing us an email in order to try the product out during the planned snow test phase.

The BTF SKI SYSTEM is suitable for any kind of slope in any snow condition: steep and icy slopes, and even in fresh snow. You can ski without pain or restrictions, feeling comfortable in any situation.

An instructor explaining how the BTF SKI SYSTEM works can be helpful, but if you are already an experienced skier, three descents are enough to master the system.

The BTF SKI SYSTEM can be attached to any ski without any problem.